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ATM Mid-Atlantic, LLC
Advanced Technology Marketing
Post Office Box 1066, Frederick, Maryland 21702-0066
phone: 301-371-7909 email:

Bob Bucheimer
phone: 301-371-7399 / fax: 301-371-0012
Bruce DeShong
phone: 240-772-2306 / fax: 301-371-0012

Representing -
IF/RF Components, Mixers, Power Splitters/Combiners, Couplers, Filters, Amplifiers, Transformers, Attenuators, RF Switches, Phase Detectors, Limiters, VCO's, I&Q & PSK Modulators/Demodulators.
Agile Calibration
Expert on-site calibration, ISO compliant, 100% satisfaction. Led by an expert in metrology. Reduced downtime, NIST traceable standards, calibrate to manufacturers' specifications, highly trained and experienced staff.
Amphenol RF
Amphenol Connex
Standard and Custom RF and Microwave Connectors: SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, MCX, MMCX, Type N, Type F, Type G, 7/16, 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, C, HN, SC, BMA, SMP, and SMPM.
Barry Industries
RF Chip Resistors, Terminations & Attenuators, High Power RF Terminations & Attenuators, Custom Thick Film Circuits, Semiconductor M/W Packaging

Inductors, Power Magnetics, Filters. Standard and Custom Designs. Mil & Aerospace Screening. Free Evaluation Samples. Time-saving Web Design Tools.
Greenray Industries
Precision quartz crystal oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs, and VCXOs; product focus on tight stability, low phase noise, vibration, shock, and acceleration compensation, and ruggedized packaging.
Leader Tech
Printed Circuit Board Level EMI/RFI Shielding, Quick Turn Custom Design and Prototypes; Low Cost Standard Shields Available Through Distribution. Enclosure EMI/RFI Shielding With Fingerstock, Elastomeric Gaskets, Fabric Shielding Gaskets, Conductive Foam Shielding Gaskets, Absorbers, and Wire Mesh Solutions.
M2 Global
RF/Microwave Circulators and Isolators; Drop-in, Wave Guide & Coaxial Isoadaptors, Coaxial Dividers (to 16 way), Waveguide to Coax Adaptors, Waveguide Terminations, Dir. Couplers, Mitered Bends, Straight and Twisted Sections.
Hermetic Glass to Metal Feedthroughs, 50 Ohm Feedthroughs, Filtered Feedthroughs, Custom, RF/Hybrid Packages, Laser Sealing Services.
[ATM Mid-Atlantic, Inc., Advanced Technology Marketing, Frederick, Maryland. Manufacturers representatives for high technology electronics components, systems, and subsystems, serving the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area; phone: 301-371-7909 email:; Post Office Box 1066, Frederick, Maryland 21702-0066]

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